Distribution by SEB Global Property Fund in October 2020

SEB Global Property Fund regularly distributes the freely available liquidity to investors in April and October each year. Since 2017, the fund no longer holds any properties. Since there has been no change in the liquidity and risk situation, there is currently no free liquidity available. Therefore, there will be no distribution in October 2020.

Until the Fund is completely dissolved, sufficient liquidity reserves must be retained in order to meet all obligations. Retaining liquidity reserves allows the Custodian Bank to provide for potential future claims from tax authorities as well as granted warranties and guarantee claims. The subsequent tax audits are subject to the tax laws of the respective countries or national regulations and vary greatly in terms of the processing time. As soon as risks continue to decrease and corresponding reserves can be released, further payments will be made to investors.

We will continue to keep you informed about the further course of the liquidation of the SEB Global Property Fund on the Internet at www.savillsim-publikumsfonds.de and in the annual liquidation reports.