SEB ImmoInvest to distribute EUR 5.00 per unit at beginning of July

An amount of EUR 5.00 per unit will be paid out to investors on 3 July 2017 as part of the regular semi-annual distributions. This corresponds to about EUR 583 million in total. This twelfth and so far second highest distribution since the dissolution of the Fund was announced on 7 May 2012 brings the total amount paid out during the dissolution period to EUR 3.9 billion, or approximately 65 % of Fund assets at the time of termination of the management mandate in May 2012.

The distribution amount is based on the liquidity from the property sales of the last months less retentions for deferred tax liabilities, transaction costs and other liabilities, especially liabilities from property sales such as capital gains taxes, warranty claims or other liabilities under purchase contracts.
The payment has a notional effect on the Fund’s unit value on this date, which changes by the amount distributed. As a rule, the value date for investors is two bank working days later. The bases of taxation and the tax-free and taxable portions of the distribution in accordance with section 5 of the Investmentsteuergesetz (InvStG – German Investment Tax Act), as well as an overview of the tax breakdown, will be announced during the next couple of days on the following website: