Distribution by SEB ImmoPortfolio Target Return Fund in October 2019

SEB ImmoPortfolio Target Return Fund regularly distributes the freely available liquidity to investors in April and October each year. The fund has not held any real estate for some time. The liquidity situation and risk assessment has not changed significantly since the last distribution in April 2019. Therefore, there will be no distribution in October 2019.

Until the Fund is completely dissolved, sufficient liquidity reserves must be retained in order to meet all obligations. Retaining liquidity reserves allows the Custodian Bank to provide for potential future claims from tax authorities as well as granted warranties and guarantee claims. As risks decline over time, further distributions will be carried out, whereby the Custodian Bank decides about the timing and amount of these.

Since the beginning of the fund liquidation on 5 June 2014 the amount paid out to investors amounts to approximately EUR 576 million. This corresponds to around 74 % of the Fund assets as of 5 June 2014, the date when the management mandate was terminated.