Reducttion in unit price on November 3rd 2017

The transfer of risks and rewards of ownership to the buyer concerning the four German properties – Düsseldorf, Kruppstr. 108 and Grafenberger Allee 293 plus Neu-Isenburg, Dornhofstr. 34 and 36 – and the Polish property in Warschau, ul. Fabryczna 5, 5a. took place on 1st November 2017. The properties were part of the pan-European real estate portfolio, which was sold at the end of April 2017 (News from 15 May 2017).
SEB ImmoInvest´s unit price will drop by EUR 0.10 on the 3 November 2017 publication date, falling from EUR 11.91 to EUR 11.81 as a result of the recognition of the effects of the sale.