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The sole binding basis for the purchase of investment units is the valid Sales Prospectus in conjunction with the most recent Annual Report and/or Semi-annual Report for the Fund. You can obtain these documents directly from the Internet or from your investment adviser. The information contained in this presentation does not constitute investment advice. The statements made are based on our assessment of the current legal and tax situation. Before purchasing units, potential customers should obtain detailed advice that is tailored to their individual situation from tax, legal and/or investment advisors.

Investments in funds entail both opportunities and risks. The market value of an investment may rise or fall. Past returns and performance offer no guarantee for the future; in some cases, losses may exceed the amount originally invested. Exchange rate volatility may affect gains on investments in foreign markets. To the extent permitted by law, no assurance is given that the results and income forecasts contained in this document will be achieved. Equally, to the extent permitted by law, no assurance is given that all assumptions that are relevant for the achievement of the results or income forecasts have been taken into consideration or mentioned.

The content of this website has been taken from sources in the public domain which are considered reliable. No assurance can be given with regard to the correctness and completeness of the information or of any terms of a future business proposal under the conditions mentioned here. Neither the dissemination of this presentation nor the provision of additional materials gives rise to any duties to provide information above and beyond investment law requirements. In particular, no obligation to correct information that proves to be incorrect ex post is accepted.

Financial analysis material has been included on this website. Your attention is drawn to the fact that this material does not meet all the statutory requirements with regard to guaranteeing the impartiality of financial research and is not subject to the prohibition on trading financial instruments mentioned in financial research before its publication. In this context, your attention is also drawn to circumstances and relationships that, depending on their interpretation, may give rise to conflicts of interest. We have taken internal measures that are designed to minimise the occurrence of conflicts of interest as far as possible. Among other things, these include the integration at the operational level of a neutral compliance function.

The dissemination of the information contained here and the offering of the investment units mentioned here is prohibited in a large number of countries unless the Fund management company has notified/received permission from the local supervisory authorities. If no such notification has been submitted/no such permission has been granted, the information contained here may not be regarded as an offer to purchase investment units. Please contact your local sales office if necessary. The products mentioned on this website may not be purchased by US-persons.

The purchase of this product entails costs/fees. The front-end load primarily represents remuneration for the sale of Fund units. The Company pays regular – usually annual – brokerage fees ("trail commission") to brokers such as credit institutions.

Information on prior performance is based on the BVI method, which assumes the re-investment of distributed income at the unit price, excluding tax considerations. Past performance is no indication of future performance.

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