SEB ImmoPortfolio Target Return Fund – An Update

SEB ImmoPortfolio Target Return Fund has already distributed a total of approx. EUR 355.4 million to investors in the 22 months since the dissolution process was launched in June 2014. This already represents around 46% of the Fund’s assets as of the date when notice to terminate the management mandate was given. Preparations have been made in recent months to increase the value of the properties and a number of concrete sales processes have been launched both for individual transactions and for large portfolios; however, no further properties have been sold since the last distribution. As a result, no distribution will be made in April 2016.

We are continuing to work intensively on the challenging task of selling as many of the 26 properties and property companies currently still in the portfolio as possible by the end of the Fund management mandate in May 2017 and to generate adequate proceeds of sale for investors.

For further information, please see the next annual report for the Fund, which will be published in April 2016. Your regular contacts will be happy to answer any questions or comments you may have.